ILADS is the premier tick borne disease educational society in the world. Each year ILADS conference is growing bigger with more and more delegates.  This year’s theme was “global perspective on tick borne diseases.” Speakers came from all continents.

Dr. McManus headed the programme committee for the conference for which Dr Richard Horowitz said was the best ILADS conference he had attended to date.

Along with many leaders in the field presenting their work, highlights included

  • Prof. Sally Cutler presented the relapsing fever Borrelia, a major  tick borne infection, that is endemic in the world.
  • Prof Ogi from Nigeria presented multiple tick borne pathogens that are endemic in Africa how TBDs research is are neglected in Africa.
  • Prof . Yoshinari from Brazil presented the Baggio-Yoshinari syndrome, Brazil’s Borrelia infection,
  • Prof. Diego Cadavid  presented the inflammatory phases of RF and the IL-10 contribution to survival.
  • Prof. Christian Perrone from France presented the need to form federations of organisations , a united  way to move forward.
  • Dr. Lambert from Ireland presented the situation in Ireland.

Full ILADS agenda and conference info.

There is a full report on the Global Lyme Alliance website.