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Karl McManus Foundation Supporters Yearly Membership


Your support for more evidence based knowledge about Lyme borreliosis and other tick borne infections, will help us to move closer to solutions. See our mission statement.

Product Description

A KMF membership allows you to:

  • Receive a 10% discount* off all KMF functions including the KMF international conference and Gala dinners, and KMF products
  • Receive free training materials such as a CD of the presentation slides from KMF international TBD conferences
  • Ask a question and get an answer from a KMF member
  • Obtain help and advice for your treating doctor if he is not trained in treating tick bone diseases
  • Gain friendship and encouragement
  • Receive awareness raising material
  • Be ensured that it is your foundation

*Note: If both an AIMA and KMF member, a 10% discount rate only will apply i.e. discount rates are not cumulative.


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