Hi there, my name is Brad Down. I have been working closely with the Karl McManus Foundation for the past year or so to help with their communications, website and social media with the intention of bringing attention to the core issues and breakthroughs happening with tick borne illness in Australia.

I am a passionate advocate of this cause as my wife and son are both afflicted with illness associated with being bitten by ticks in 2011 at North Head in Sydney.

We had absolutely no idea of the dangers of ticks, tick bites or any kind of illness that could be contracted. There is no signage, warnings or any kind of public information about the dangers.

One of the core missions of the KMF is the prevention of tick borne illness, so as tick bite season begins in Spring, we are looking to run a campaign including television commercials, social media and public relations beginning in September to make sure people are aware of the dangers.

The TV stations have kindly donated the air time, we just need some money for production. We could do it on the cheap but we really want to have an impact. This will require some extra oomph in the production value to provide the most impact over all media channels.

To kick start the campaign my company Burst SMS is kicking of the campaign with a $2000 donation. We hope to raise up to $20,000 if possible. If there is anything left over it will go to the foundation.

I will be donating my time in the creative surrounding the concept and the associated social media campaign.

How can you help?

Please join the Karl McManus Foundation in making the Australian public aware of the dangers of tick bites and what to look for after being bitten.

See our prevention page here for detailed information.

Please share the page and spread the word, tell your friends and family. The more people we can warn, the less people that will be afflicted with the horrible symptoms of tick borne illness.